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Here at LEUPP, we're committed to being cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable. This is our way of supporting climate solutions and limiting our impact on the planet.

100% Animal-Free

Traditionally, leather is made from animal rawhides and skin. The term ‘leather’ helps people disassociate from the fact that an animal used to live in the skin used for shoes, bags, wallets and more.

For those choosing to live a kinder way of life, vegan leather alternatives are a great way to go. Vegan leather is a term which describes a number of materials made to imitate that of traditional leather. However, these materials are all 100% cruelty free meaning no lives were lost during production.

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We are also incredibly proud of our Piña collection. Piña is a natural leather alternative made from fibres extracted from pineapple leaves, a by-product from the pineapple harvest.

No extra land, pesticides or fertilisers are used in it's production and provides additional income for the Filipino farmers growing this fruit.

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"We strongly believe no living being should have to suffer for fashion, so we are on an ever evolving journey, seeking out the most innovative, cruelty free materials in creating our products."

All of the vegan-friendly leather we offer possess the following environmental benefits:
✓PVC-Free ✓No plasticisers ✓Bromine-free ✓No heavy metals ✓Includes recycled and renewable content ✓And of course: Animal friendly

Eco-responsible Packaging

All LEUPP products are presented in our eco-responsible packaging practices

🌿 Reduced paper and plastic
🌿 Digitized user manual
🌿 Water-based glues and inks

An unboxing experience awaits you or your recipient, when you opt for our biodegradable gift-wrapping. We use recycled corrugated material for our gift boxes - a more environmentally friendly alternative with the following benefits -

🌿 It reduces rates of deforestation
🌿 When corrugated material is recycled, it is reused instead of going to a landfill.

Packaging materials account for as much as 1/3rd of all landfill materials, so by keeping it out, we prevent landfills from growing and reduce the amount of methane emitted when the corrugation decomposes.

Why do we do it?

Because there is no planet B. And the status quo is not okay. We decided we can do better. So we did.

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